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Audition Announcement:
Round and Round the Garden

Directed by Ben Ware

Round and Round the Garden.png
PLOT: Annie lives in a countryside house taking care of her demanding mother, and has decided that she needs a weekend off. Reg and Sarah have agreed to come and take care of Annie's & Reg's mother for a week-end while Annie goes on a short trip. However, Annie is secretly planning to meet up with her sister Ruth's charming, rakish husband Norman for an illicit weekend together (something Annie has never done before, and is unsure about). However, things go wrong when Norman shows up at the house early to pick up Annie contrary to plan, and everybody ends up at the house for the entire week-end, and various arguments ensue while the characters have differing degrees of understanding about what's actually happening.


Adults: Early 30s-Early 50s to fill the roles of 6 below characters  

Ann - 30s-40s - the youngest sister, takes care of Mother

Tom - 30s-40s - Ann’s neighbor 

Ruth - 30s-40s - the middle sister

Norman - 30s-40s - married to Ruth

Sarah - 40s-50s - the oldest sister

Reg - 40s-50s - married to Sarah



Tuesday July 26th, 2022 @ 6:30pm 

 Wednesday July 27th, 2022 @ 6:30pm



Ja'Duke Theater

110 Industrial Blvd

Turners Falls, MA 01376



Actors should come prepared with a short monologue and plan on reading from the play.

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